The 1st Annual International Graduate Research Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities
Theme “Harmony in Diversity”
Between April 2-3, 2009
At SD Avenue Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

We are pleased to announce the First Annual International Graduate Research Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities, entitled “Harmony in Diversity.”

Research generates knowledge and can lead to deeper understanding of complex issues. But before it can be put to use by others it needs to be disseminated and discussed. Presenting their research allows researchers to not only share their findings with others and benefit from their feedback but also to refine both their research and presentation skills.

The conference sponsors have sought an appropriate forum for graduate students, faculty, and researchers in the social sciences and humanities to share research methodology as well as new knowledge concerning social theories, methodology, and concepts. It is hoped that the First Annual International Graduate Research Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities will meet this goal and inspire participants to continue to conduct high quality research of their own. 

This conference aim to:
1. To disseminate graduate research among research communities to benefit
    the public at both domestic and international levels.
2. To provide opportunities for developing academic leadership on the part of
    students, faculty, and researchers through the presentation of their research
    in public at an international conference.
3. To build an academic atmosphere and movement that links research and
    knowledge production to social development.
4. To enhance the quality of research produced by students, faculty, and
    researchers and raise it to international standards.
5. To build networks and a critical mass of social scientists and humanists among
    students, faculty, and researchers domestically and internationally. 

Areas of study represented in the conference sessions may include, but are not limited to:

Social Sciences

  1. Criminology
  2. Environmental Studies
  3. Health Social Sciences
  4. Community Health Development and Management
  5. Health Assurance Development
  6. Demography/Population Studies
  7. Cultural Studies
  8. Sustainable Development
  9. Communication
  10.  Addictionology
  11. Public Administration
  12. Human Rights and Peace Studies
  13. Education
  14. Sports Management
  15. Knowledge Management
  16. Women’s Studies


  1. Applied Linguistics
  2. Philosophy
  3. Ethical Studies
  4. Buddhist Studies
  5. Religious Studies
  6. Language and Literature
  7. Art and Historical Monuments
  8. History

We look forward to the participation of individuals from graduate students, faculty, researchers, and those who interested in this conference.