The Center for Health Policy Studies was established in 1979 as a part of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at Mahidol University, to act as a coordinating body for research and evaluation of health policy from a holistic, social perspective; for providing recommendations on health policy and drafting related legislation; and for arranging training for personnel of community-based organizations. Today, the Center continues its holistic public health work, in collaboration with various national and international multidisciplinary networks. The Center strives to be a leading organization in the fields of gender, sexuality, health behavior, as well as sexual and reproductive health.


To be the regional leader in knowledge creation that leads to health policy advocacy and a healthy society.


To build knowledge through research and to provide academic services nationally and internationally in the fields of health policy, health systems, gender, sexuality, as well as sexual and reproductive health, and to support advocacy in the fields of health policy, welfare and society