For the Research, each department has produced pertinent and informative data through the research conducted by its staff members. Area emphasized in research projects are cultural influences and their impact on Thai Society in both urban and rural areas, concrete social economic, political and demographic phenomena, population education, public administration liberal arts, religion and sport management. In addition, special attention is also given to the rural development issues and factors that might help or retard the implementation of development programs.

As many of the research project deal with issues connected with rural Thailand, information received from the Faculty's research has often been used by various ministries for development planning. The research conducted often addresses current problems existing in Thailand and South East Asia.

Following are some of the past research projects conducted by the various departments :

  • Psychosocial Aspects of Rural Health Services in the Northeastern Region of Thailand.
  • The Anthropological Study of Psychosocial Aspects of Health Workers. (Midwives)
  • The Social and Economic Evaluation of Biogas Technology in Rural Thailand.
  • District Hospital in Thailand : A Policy Study.
  • Knowledge, Perception and Behavior of Malaria Prevention.
  • Establishing Internet Comminication Services in Rural Northeast Thailand
  • Developing and Testing of Indicator for Gender-Based Violence
  • Assessment of Equity in Health Service System

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